MAKOLETTE is the Hebrew word for corner store. A place where locals gather and exchange in the real heart of the community. Amongst the local produce, crafts and wares, through the makolette flows friendship, creativity, sustenance, and love.

Our MAKOLETTE is a celebration. Of all that Tel Aviv is, and of you. Of what it means to be yourself. To be unique. To search and find the sweetest creations, always worth the wait. We have so many stories to share, and so do our wares. Our journey is of searching; for the finest cut, the perfect fit, the freshest designs, the point of difference. For inspiration, and for creation. For making friends.

From the Jaffa makolette to Mezizim Beach, our BLOG scribes stories from the creative corridors of Tel Aviv’s most charming neighborhoods. See through eyes of local beholders why this talented town is so good to know.

Coming soon – we’ll share our WHAT’S ON TODAY calendar. What to see. Who to hear. Where to go. Who to know.

Come inside. Feel the eclectic beauty, boundless energy, and instrumental style in a community of fresh minds and warm hearts.

Welcome to your MAKOLETTE.

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